YouTube Star Colleen Ballinger’s Remaining Miranda Sings Tour Dates Canceled Amid Controversy

Colleen Ballinger’s upcoming stops on her Miranda Sings tour have been canceled amid ongoing controversy surrounding the YouTube star.

As of Tuesday, live shows originally scheduled in Boise, Idaho; Minneapolis; Ann Arbor, Mich.; Kansas City, Mo.; and Philadelphia have all been labeled as canceled on Ticketmaster.

Shows in St. Louis and Wichita, Kan., were each listed as canceled on their venue’s respective websites, with the latter noting it was “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Ticket-buying pages on venue websites for dates in Salt Lake City, Omaha, Neb.; and Midwest City, Okla., meanwhile, appear to have been taken down.

Ballinger has not yet publicly addressed the cancelations, and NBC News has reached out to the internet personality for comment.

The wave of cancelations comes amid growing backlash directed at the “Haters Back Off” star amid allegations she engaged in inappropriate and exploitative personal relationships with underage fans.

Ballinger addressed fans’ claims in YouTube video last month. In the nearly ten-minute clip, the performer played the ukulele and sang about the allegations, which she characterized as a “toxic gossip train.”

She sang in part, “Many years ago, I used to message my fans, but not in a creepy way like a lot of you are trying to suggest. It was more of a loser kind of way, where I was just trying to be besties with everybody.”

The Netflix star sang that at the beginning of her career, she “didn’t really understand that maybe there should be some boundaries there.”

“There were times in the DMs where I would overshare details of my life, which was really weird of me. I haven’t done that for years, you see, because I changed my behavior and I took accountability,” she added.

Ballinger went on to address the backlash she’d received, singing, “I thought you wanted me to take accountability, but that’s not the point of your mob mentality. Your goal is to ruin the life of the person you despise while you dramatize your lies and monetize their demise.”

“I’m sure you’re disappointed in my s****y little song, I know you wanted me to say that I was 100 percent in the wrong. Well, I’m sorry, I’m not going to take that route of admitting to lies and rumors that you made up for clout,” she added.

Ballinger admitted to making “lots of dumb mistakes” and sang that she’s “sad that there are some fans that feel betrayed,” but added that she had no “intention to manipulate.”

She sang in part, “But everyone just believes that you are the type of person who manipulates and abuses children. So, I just wanted to say that the only thing I’ve ever groomed is my two Persian cats. I’m not a groomer. I’m just a loser who didn’t understand I shouldn’t respond to fans. And I’m not a predator, even though a lot of you think so because five years ago I made a fart joke.”

Colleen Ballinger arrives to the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards held at the Barker Hangar on November 10, 2019. (Photo by Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Ballinger came under fire back in June when YouTuber KodeeRants shared a since-deleted video including screenshots of an alleged group chat text exchange between Ballinger and her fans. In the screenshots, the star allegedly asked the fans their “fav position” and suggested one fan, Adam McIntyre, answer whether or not he was a virgin in an upcoming Q&A. Access Hollywood has not independently verified the screenshots.

McIntyre is one of the fans that has spoken out against Ballinger’s alleged behavior. He previously made a YouTube video in 2020 alleging that the star had formed an inappropriate personal friendship with him when he was a teen, including her allegedly discussing her divorce with him and sending him lingerie as a joke.

Ballinger responded to McIntyre’s allegations in a YouTube video at the time. She said that her sending underwear to him was a “joke within the fandom” that was “completely stupid of me” and sounded bad “out of context.”

In response to Ballinger’s ukulele video, McIntyre tweeted, “As much as Colleen discredited & made fun of me, I’m glad her video did one thing, show you all exactly the type of evil woman she is, that a lot of us have experienced over the past few years behind the scenes, the mask has slipped…everyone meet the real Colleen Ballinger.”

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