Zac Efron Calls ‘A Family Affair’ A ‘Really Beautiful Story’

Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman, and Joey King are putting a twist on your typical romantic comedy.

Their upcoming film “A Family Affair” follows Joey King’s character, Zara Ford, who works for movie star Chris Cole, who is played by Zac Efron. Things take a turn when he strikes up a romance with Zara’s mom, Brooke Harwood, who is played by Nicole Kidman, as the pair faces the complications of love, sex and identity.

“Romcoms are incredibly special I think when they’re about something real and I think all of these characters are just experiencing love in a lot different ways. They’re at different points in their life and somehow Nicole and I’s characters are right for each other, and I think it’s a really beautiful story,” Zac told Access Hollywood at the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

For Joey, watching Zac and Nicole’s chemistry on set was special.

“They’re both just so game for anything and so committed,” Joey said. “They’re both incredibly professional actors who are just amazing at what they do, and they actually enjoy each other in real life. They love to laugh together, Zac’s hilarious, and Nicole is so funny. They mesh really well. We all did.”

Nicole and Zac previously talked to Access about what it was like filming steamy scenes together.

“It always feels very easy with (Nicole). I’ve been in scenes like that before where it doesn’t go that easily. You’re kinda figuring each other out. I don’t know if it’s because we’ve done it before,” Zac said before Nicole chimed in. “We also just have a friendship. So we’re able to talk,” she said.

“There’s a lot of hysterical laughing that’s cut out,” Zac added. “We laugh a lot. Like we’re having a blast… It’s always fun figuring out the physical aspects, like we kinda dance into that room. It was fun, it was like putting together a musical.”

“A Family Affair” will stream on Netflix on June 28.

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