Zach Roloff & Tori Roloff Reveal They’re Leaving ‘Little People, Big World’: ‘That Chapter Has Closed’

Zach Roloff and Tori Roloff are moving on from “Little People, Big World.”

In a new episode of their podcast “Raising Heights,” the TLC stars announced that they will be leaving the hit reality series.

“We are not coming back to ‘Little People, Big World.’ Like, we are done. That part of our lives, that chapter, has closed,” Tori told listeners.

“I think the chapter has closed regardless of us being asked back or not, and we’ve made it pretty clear that we’re done with that chapter for multiple reasons,” Zach added. The star additionally claimed that TLC has have not “asked us back technically” because of how clear they’ve made it that they don’t wish to return.

Zach went on to share how the most recent season they filmed was a challenging one for him and Tori.

“This last cycle was rough, between the family, the farm deal, and we were done with it,” he said, referencing the drama surrounding the ownership of their family’s farm.

“It’s hard to put everything into a project that you no longer believe it, and I feel like this last season for ‘Little People, Big World,’ that happened,” Tori added. “It was no longer a project that we really believed in, so the last year was hard. It was hard to show up every day for it.”

On the nearly hour-long podcast episode, the couple went on to detail the reasons behind their decision, including how their role as parents factored into their choice.

“A really large portion of our reasoning for maybe not doing the show anymore was our kids. We were having these conversations about, ‘Do you think they’re going to be proud of this product when they’re 30 years old and sitting talking to somebody?’ Do you think that they’re going to be– you know, because they don’t have a choice,” Tori said.

“It has gotten to this point where our oldest, Jackson, he has voiced his opinion on things he doesn’t want to be a part of with filming or the show. There are certain things that he has asked not to share, and I think that as a parent, we’ve really taken that to heart,” she added.

Zach also spoke about “dealing with the family dynamics” while filming the show.

“In my opinion, we needed some adults in the room, myself included, and we didn’t have that, and we’ve been searching for that for a long time, and it’s time to finally say no,” Zach said.

“I think there’s been a lot of cases where accountability was not taken,” Tori added.

Zach also shared that while some have pointed out the financial benefit of staying on the show, they want to “walk away for [their] own health, [their] own family, [their] own relationship, and the consequences, so be it.”

The couple also announced their decision on Instagram. They wrote in part in a joint statement, “There were moments in reality TV that we loved and moments that we didn’t, but over all we’re grateful to our crew and our producer, and we’re excited for our next chapter!”

Zach and his family have starred on “Little People, Big World” since it premiered on TLC in 2006, and the show recently premiered its 25th season.

Access Hollywood has reached out to TLC for comment regarding Zach and Tori’s announcement.

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