50 Cent Throws Microphone During Concert, Allegedly Injuring Concertgoer

50 Cent threw a microphone while performing in Los Angeles, and it allegedly hit and injured a concertgoer. During his performance at the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Aug. 30, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, seemed to have technical issues with two different microphones. As seen in video taken at the event, an apparently frustrated 50 threw one of the mics. While the video didn’t capture where the mic ended up, TMZ reports that a woman was allegedly struck by the object and filed a police report that night. Law enforcement sources reportedly told the outlet that the alleged victim claimed that 50 looked at her before throwing the mic. However, 50’s attorney Scott Leemon told NBC News in a statement, “Let’s be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone. Anyone saying something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed.”