Aaron Carter’s Mom Jane Schneck Arrested For Battery In Florida

Aaron Carter’s mom has been arrested for battery, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. Jane Schneck was taken into custody on Friday night after arguing with her husband. “She (Jane) was arrested for Domestic Violence on 4/29. Sheriffs were called to the residence just before midnight on 4/28 where Jane was in a verbal dispute with the victim who lives in the residence. Jane was playing music too loud from the tv which is what lead to the dispute when he asked to turn it down or off. He must have had the remote in hand when she attempted to grab it. She grabbed his wrist which lead to the unwarranted touch or strike,” the Hernando County Sheriff shared in a statement with Access Hollywood. The sheriff’s spokesperson also noted that “while the dispute was happening the victim was video taping and provided the evidence to the deputies,” also noting that “both had been drinking.” Jane’s arrest comes just a few weeks after her late son’s cause of death was revealed.