Aaron Paul Says Bryan Cranston Is A ‘Good Godparent’ To His Son Ryden: ‘He’s Going To Be The Best’

Aaron Paul’s newborn son, Ryden, is already getting along with his godparent Bryan Cranston! “They get to hang out as much as possible,” he told Access Hollywood. “He’s a good godparent. Yeah, he’s going to be the best.” The 42-year-old actor also talked about connecting with his “Westworld” character this season now that Caleb is a dad. Showrunner Alison Schapker also teased James Marsden’s much anticipated return and his reunion with Rachel Evan Wood. “You will have a payoff,” she said. “There was so much chemistry when those two sat down again, to kind of like embody that relationship in a new, but all the history being underneath it, we never touched it.” Season 4 of “Westworld” premieres on HBO June 26.