Alex Hall Calls Brittany Snow’s ‘Call Her Daddy’ Comments ‘Calculated’: ‘Bold Face Lie’

Alex Hall is sharing her side of the story. While promoting Season 3 of “Selling The OC” with Access Hollywood, the real estate mogul shared her candid thoughts on Brittany Snow’s recent comments about her breakup with her ex-husband Tyler Stanaland and Alex’s fling with him on “Call Her Daddy.” “I would have had more respect for her had she said it with her chest and said, ‘Hey, Alex Hall did X, Y and Z.’ But she couldn’t do that because that would be a boldfaced lie. And so, you know, just the calculation, it was a little bit salacious,” she shared of her comments surrounding her fling with Tyler. Adding, “For her to be like America’s sweetheart and to do something that’s calculated like that and dragged me through it, I just don’t think is the right thing to do.” The new season of “Selling The OC” drops on Netflix May 3.