Alicia Keys Says Her And Swizz Beatz’ Son Egypt Has Amazing Music Skills: ‘I’m In Shock!’

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’ son Egypt is following in his famous parents’ footsteps! “He loves playing the piano, he’s very creative, he’s writing a bunch of songs. His melodies are great, his ear – he can pick out so many great songs. He has such a good ear. When I hear him sing and he’s practicing and working on it, I’m literally like, ‘Woah! I’m in shock,'” she told Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans about her son Egypt’s music skills. She also spoke about her new coming-of-age graphic novel, “Girl on Fire,” which is on sale now. She also shares about her partnership with Athlete, which hits stores on March 8, and opened pup about expanding her skincare line Keys Soulcare.