Amanda Bynes Shows Off Blepharoplasty Results In Rare Selfie Video: ‘One Of The Best Things’

Amanda Bynes is setting the record straight about her new look. The former actress, 37, spoke out in a rare a rare selfie video on Dec. 11 to explain a cosmetic surgery she underwent. “I was never open about this before, but I actually had blepharoplasty surgery on the skinfolds and the corner of my eyes. So, I don’t have those skinfolds anymore,” she revealed, showing off the final results. Amanda shared that getting the procedure made her want to get back in front of the camera. “It was one of the best things I could’ve ever done for my self-confidence, and it made me feel a lot better in my skin, so I just wanted to post about that just to clear up that rumor as to why I have a new look. I feel a lot better now about myself, and I’m so glad I had the blepharoplasty surgery. It was one of the greatest things I could’ve ever done,” she said. The “She’s The Man” star’s newest post comes just days after she debuted her podcast with Paul Sieminski on Spotify.