America Ferrera’s Kids Think She Lives & Works In Barbieland When She’s Not With Them

America Ferrera is spilling details on her experience making “Barbie”! Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall spoke to the actress, before the SAG-AFTRA strike started, about her first reaction to reading the movie’s script and how she relates to the film’s themes. She also gushed over working with Margot Robbie and said she “gasped” seeing her as Barbie for the first time, saying, “She looked more like Barbie than Barbie!” Plus, America dished on how her kids, 5 and 3, have come to understand her work on the movie. “They’re still too young to really know what it means, but they did visit Barbieland, and they think that when I’m not with them, I live and work in Barbieland. So, if I’m at work and I FaceTime them, they’re like, ‘Can we see the Barbie house?'” she shared. “Barbie” is out in theaters now.