Amy Robach Admits To T.J. Holmes She’s ‘A Little Sad’ They Won’t Have Kids Together

Amy Robach is opening up to T.J. Holmes about a part of their relationship she regrets not being able to share with him. During the Feb. 13 episode of the former “Good Morning America” co-hosts’ podcast, “Amy & T.J.,” the journalist, 46, asked his girlfriend, 50, her thoughts about “missing out” on having children together. “Absolutely. Yes. I see your parenting style and it’s very similar to mine and that is a gift. If any of you all out there have a shared parenting style with your partner that makes life so much easier or at least a little bit easier. And it feels good to have a similar mode of operation when it comes to what we want for our kids, what we want to teach them. And what I love about you is that you’re willing to let your child not like you in the moment to teach them a lesson to do the right thing. I appreciate that,” Amy explained, concluding, “So yes, I have multiple times been a little sad that we did not come together at a time where we could have had that option.”