Angelina Jolie Hires Daughter Vivienne As Her Assistant For Broadway’s ‘The Outsiders’ Musical

Angelina Jolie’s daughter will be by her side for a major new project! The Oscar winner has reportedly hired 15-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt as her volunteer assistant on the upcoming Broadway adaptation of “The Outsiders.” Angie is serving as a lead producer on the musical and told multiple outlets in a statement the heartwarming reason Vivienne is a great match for the job. “Viv reminds me of my mother in that she isn’t focused on being the center of attention but in being a support to other creatives,” the actress and director said. “She’s very thoughtful and serious about theatre and working hard to best understand how to contribute.” Angelina previously announced that she’d joined “The Outsiders” Broadway team, saying in a press release in August that she feels “very fortunate to be a part of this special production” decades after discovering theatre as her “first love” as a performer. She and Vivienne reportedly met with “The Outsiders” novel author S.E. Hinton after watching the musical’s premiere at La Jolla Playhouse earlier in 2023.