Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter Dannielynn Shows Off Homemade Halloween Costume From Dad Larry Birkhead

Larry Birkhead went all out for daughter Dannielynn’s epic Halloween costume! On Wednesday, the doting dad opened up about how he built the 17-year-old’s Avataro-inspired style himself with a rare look at their time together! “Dannielynn came to me a few weeks ago and said she wanted to be ‘Oni Sister’ for Halloween. She is a character from one of her favorite shows, ‘Avatoro Sentai Donbrothers’ I believe I brushed it off and said, ‘Sure, we have plenty of time for that.’ Fast forward to me finding out they don’t sell the costumes in stores,” Larry wrote on Instagram alongside a video montage showing off how he created the elaborate look. “I had to make it from scratch based on a 3D model. It is the first time I attempted that before, but I figure we are approaching the end of the trick-or-treat phase (or maybe not) so I told her I would try my best,” he continued. “Hours and hours later, I think we got a decent version of her favorite character, that she has reminded me numerous times is ‘not a Power Ranger!'” After showing off the impressive design, the 50-year-old joked about his own outfit. “We ran out of time, so I had to leave some things unfinished, so I just went as a ‘tired Dad.’ I think I nailed that costume a little better than I did hers. Dannielynn then went off to fill up a pillowcase of candy trick-or-treating with a friend. Glad to make her smile, but next time I will check online to make sure what she wants is available! Happy Halloween,” he concluded.