Ashley Judd Shares Photos From Alps Trek After Recovering From Leg Injury: ‘Ongoing Gratitude’

Ashley Judd is feeling grateful. The 55-year-old took to Instagram on Saturday to share images from a trek she took on the Swiss Alps, reflecting on how far she has come since recovering from a major leg injury. “Walking. Switzerland. After 5 breaks in right leg, a paralyzed foot, possible amputation, all while hemorrhaging, my leg and I have come far in 2.5 years since my accident in Democratic Republic of Congo. We came far up these Alps, for the sheer joy of it, confidently. Ongoing gratitude of profound proportions to the Congolese who saved me, and the surgeons, neurologist, and physical therapist who set me up for this stunning recovery. How are you celebrating your blessings?” the caption reads in part.