Austin Butler Says Tom Hardy ‘Almost Convinced’ Him To Get A Tattoo In Honor Of ‘The Bikeriders’

Tom Hardy took his role in “The Bikeriders” very seriously! While chatting with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, Austin Butler revealed Tom got a tattoo in honor of the movie ahead of filming and even encouraged him to get one too. “Tom almost convinced me one night. He told me you know, ‘Come over to the house and we’ll get these tattoos,’ and I ended up not doing it,” Austin said laughing. The film spans the course of a decade and follows a Midwestern motorcycle club that evolves into a sinister gang. The role obviously required the actors to ride a motorcycle, which Austin was already familiar with. “I’d ridden a bit before, but then I trained a lot for this,” he said. “And these bikes are very different because they’re old.” Needless to say, his co-star Jodie Comer didn’t feel like she was missing out on much since her character never drives a motorcycle. “I was so content,” she said. “I’m actually quite accident prone, like whenever I try to do any sort of kind of snowmobiling or anything there’s always something that goes a little bit haywire, so I was quite content like sitting on the back, hands around the waist. I was like this is good. For me I was like this is a nice way to take it in,” she added. “The Bikeriders” hit theaters June 21.