Bebe Rexha Appears To Call Out Boyfriend Discussing Her Weight Gain In Alleged Texts

Is Bebe Rexha putting her boyfriend on blast? The singer, 33, caught fans’ attention over the weekend after sharing an alleged text seemingly from longtime beau Keyan Safyari in which he called out her weight gain. “I never said you weren’t beautiful and I never said I didn’t love you. In fact I said how beautiful you are and how much I loved you. But I always said I would be honest with you and your face was changing so I told you it was…that was the conversation we were having and you asked. Because I care, would you rather I lied to you? You gained 35 pounds obviously you gained weight and your face changes? Should I just pretend it didn’t happen and that it’s ok? Come on I gain 3 pounds and you call me chubbs and fat. Doesn’t mean you don’t love me. If you’re trying to find reasons to break up this makes sense…but it’s not the real reason,” the alleged message read in part. Access Hollywood has reached out to Keyan for comment. As of Monday, Bebe has yet to clarify her relationship status or share further details about the screenshot she posted. She and Keyan have reportedly been together since 2020 and his most recent appearance on her Instagram page is from a birthday tribute she posted in his honor back in September.