Bebe Rexha ‘Cried’ After Seeing Ariana Grande’s Body Image Video, Gets Candid About Weight Gain

Bebe Rexha is sending her love to Ariana Grande! While talking to Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans, the 33-year-old singer commented on the Grammy winner’s recent TikTok video where she asked people to be nicer when commenting on people’s body image. “I cried, that broke my heart,” she said. “I could only imagine how she felt, everyone talking about you and talking about her appearance.” Bebe also got candid about her own body image and why she always speaks out about body positivity. “I know that I’m in the public eye and I’m not mad about it you know because I have gained weight. I’m a woman now. I’m no longer 19-years-old like when I started out, and people go have fluctuations, they gain weight, they lose weight, this is being a human and that’s why I like speaking out about it,” she said. Her third studio album “Bebe” is out on April 28.