Bethany Joy Lenz Details Why She’s Speaking Out About Cult Experience Now

Bethany Joy Lenz is sharing her truth. During a wide-ranging sit-down interview with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall, the “One Tree Hill” alum got candid about her experience of being in a cult and explained why she didn’t speak out until now, sharing, “I think anytime we go through trauma there’s always shame attached to it and you’re not sure about how people are going to perceive you and you don’t want to be categorized and lumped in as like oh the girl who was in a cult … so that’s now what I am every time I walk into a room, I don’t want that, I’m so much more than that, but I think that happens to so many of us because of so many different things in our lives. People just like to put labels and categories on everyone and so that was a big part of it just feeling like I don’t know how to talk about this where I feel like I’ll be really understood and I was kind of terrified of being misunderstood.” Bethany also talked about her new single “Strawberries” and revealed the inspiration behind the track, which is available to stream Aug. 18.