Beyoncé Serenades Tia Mowry During Surprise Tribute At Renaissance Tour Show In L.A.

Tia Mowry got a sweet surprise on Beyoncé’s birthday! On Monday, the 45-year-old actress attended the music icon’s Renaissance Tour at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles and Beyoncé gave a nostalgic tribute to the “Sister, Sister” alum after noticing the actress in the audience. In the middle of singing a ballad, the Grammy-winning artist created an impromptu remix, adding Tia and her twin sister, Tamera Mowry’s early ’90s single, “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” In Tia’s Instagram post caption, she started off by reminiscing on the first time she ever met Queen Bey, before sharing how special the subtle shout out was. “The highlight of the night was when she saw me in the crowd, and she gave me a smile and a hello, and then started singing ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ from when Tamera and I were in the singing group, Voices! I was so touched by her gesture, and I still can’t believe that it truly happened,” she wrote.