Bill Nye Nearly Unrecognizable Rocking Bling In Bold Fashion Photoshoot Ahead Of Solar Eclipse

Bill Nye, is that you? The beloved science expert switched up his style for a jaw-dropping photoshoot as Time Out New York’s April cover star. Bill swapped his signature suit and bowtie for a series of bold streetwear looks, giving him an entirely new vibe. On the magazine’s cover, he wore a bright red puffer vest and matching sunglasses, paired with baggy cargo pants. He also rocked an all-black bomber jacket and flight pants, plus a silver chain. Bill’s fashionable cover shoot was all to share information about the upcoming solar eclipse. The exciting celestial phenomenon, where the moon passes between Earth and the sun, will happen on April 8.

Ready Bill’s cover story with Time Out New York here.

Photographs: Sela Shiloni for Time Out New York | Bill Nye was Time Out New York’s April cover star