Bindi Irwin Reveals Miscarriage Fears From Pregnancy With Daughter Grace In Emotional Interview

Bindi Irwin is getting honest about her journey with endometriosis. In her first TV interview since her diagnosis, the conservationist shared harrowing details with “Good Morning America.” “The scariest thing was there were no answers,” she said. Steve Irwin’s daughter even revealed she feared she was suffering a miscarriage while pregnant with her own daughter, Grace, 2. “Along my pregnancy journey, I would often have times where I thought I was miscarrying because I would have severe, unexplained pain,” she revealed. “I would think I was losing our beautiful daughter. We’re so lucky to have Grace. So many women can’t fall pregnant because of problems with endometriosis.” The 25-year-old and her husband Chandler Powell tied the knot in 2020 and welcomed their baby girl in March 2021. Two years later, Bindi revealed on Instagram that she had undergone surgery for the disease, which the World Health Organization says happens when “tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus.” “My health now is night and day. It took a while to recover because it was such an intensive surgery. They took out 37 lesions. And now I’m a completely new person. I’m actually able to go on a walk with my family. I’m able to do the conservation work. I am able to be there for our daughter finally. I’m able to run around with her, to play with her, to have fun and revel in her joy,” she said. “I hope that other people will find comfort in my story, that they will find that maybe my story resonates.”