Brian Austin Green Couldn’t Speak, Read Or Write During Debilitating Mystery Illness

Brian Austin Green is sharing new details about a debilitating health struggle. The “Beverly Hills, 90210” alum joined Cheryl Burke on the Oct. 1 episode of her “Sex, Lies and Spray Tans” podcast and recalled suffering alarming symptoms from a years-long mystery illness that left him unable to speak, read or write. Brian, 50, shared that his mind and body behaved as though he’d had a stroke but even specialists were stumped about what was really going on – until he found a physician who discovered that his problem was actually related to his diet. The actor explained that his ailment was a culmination of vertigo and ulcerative colitis that gave him serious brain fog and he eventually found himself so weak he moved like “a 90-year-old man.” Though he never got a definitive diagnosis, Brian said he has made a full recovery and believes that additional focus on his mental health through therapy helped him overcome such a difficult chapter.