Brie Larson Recalls Low Point In Audition Rejections: ‘I Was Shaken To My Core’

In a recent pair of YouTube videos, Brie Larson got candid about the roles she missed out on early in her career – and the constant rejections took a toll on her. “I was going on multiple auditions a day, and I was getting none of them,” she told Access Hollywood’s Sibley Scoles in an exclusive interview. “For me, ‘United States of Tara,’ when I first didn’t get it, I was shaken to my core. I took a break for a couple months actually afterwards, because I was like, ‘This hurts too much.'” Brie shared how she got through that rough patch and rediscovered the reason why she loves acting. Plus, the Marvel star opened up about not feeling pretty enough to be an actress, her road to self-confidence and what it was like to become the face of the beauty brand Decorté.