Britney Spears Sparks Concern After Dancing With Knives In New Video, Says They Are ‘NOT Real’

Knives out? Not so fast! Britney Spears is setting the record straight about a new Instagram video that left some fans alarmed. The music icon, 41, brandished what appeared to be a pair of butcher knives for a dance routine she posted to social media on Sept. 25. Britney smiled while twirling and spinning with a knife in each hand as her dogs stood nearby. Though the blades looked and sounded convincing – especially after she clanged them together at the end of the clip – it seems the mom of two caught wind of those expressing their concern. Britney updated her caption to clarify that the knives aren’t real, adding “Halloween is soon.” The conversation appeared to end there, however, as she also disabled the comments across her entire IG page.