Brooke Shields Shares What She Told Bradley Cooper After He Rushed To Her Aid Amid Medical Emergency

Brooke Shields is one of the Glamour 2023 U.S. Women of the Year honorees! The actress told Access Hollywood how it felt to receive the accolade and shared that she doesn’t know if her younger self would’ve ever believed she’d be on the cover of Glamour all these years later. Brooke also reflected on suffering a grand mal seizure earlier this year and how friend Bradley Cooper rushed to her side. When Access Hollywood asked if she and the actor were bonded for life now, she replied, “We’ve been bonded for a while. I said to him after – I said, ‘You do realize that when I woke up, I thought maybe I had died, cause you were holding my hand.’ I was like, ‘I’ve known you for a long time, but you’ve never like been holding my hand … I was like, ‘Really? Really?'” she quipped.