Chace Crawford & Ed Westwick Talked About This ‘Gossip Girl’ Alum During Their Paris Reunion

Chace Crawford recently met up with his “Gossip Girl” co-star Ed Westwick in Paris and turns out they took a walk down memory lane during their sweet reunion! “I was telling him…I don’t know how it came up on like Instagram, but it was an old Matthew Settle thing, like a magazine thing. You know Matthew played Rufus [Humphrey], but it was like 40-year-old Matthew Settle, and I’m like ‘Buddy, we’re like one year away from being as old as Matthew Settle on the show, how does that make you feel?” he recalled while chatting with Access Hollywood. “Yeah, it was a funny, funny moment to be like, now we would play the dads on that show.” The 38-year-old also looked back at his “special” time filming the show and his strong connection with New York City. Plus, he dished on the “wild” and “chaotic” new season of “The Boys” and revealed his favorite part of playing the aquatic superhero The Deep. Season 4 of “The Boys” returns to Prime June 13.