Chelsea Handler Reveals She’s Looking To ‘Find Love’ On Dating App Raya | Golf Cart Confessions

Chelsea Handler is taking a spin with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans on Golf Cart Confessions. The comedian spills about her first celebrity crush, as well as her experience on dating apps! “I’m on Raya!” she shared, adding, “In terms of dating someone, yeah I’ve dated guys on Raya. Have I fallen in love with anyone (on there)? No, but what I will say about Raya is it yields better results than a lot of other dating sites. I like when I go to London, set something up for there, go to New York, set a little thing up for there. Raya is perfect for that,” she said. The 48-year-old added, “I’m not looking for a companion, If I’m gonna be a companion with someone, I better be in love with them. And yes, the goal is to find love and be in love. Who doesn’t love that feeling?” Chelsea announced on June 6 that she will be doing additional shows in Boston, Chicago, LA and Portland that are on-sale on June 9. Tickets for all her “Little Big Bitch” tour stops can be purchased at