Claudia Schiffer Says Taylor Swift Inspired Family To Get Cat That Ended Up In ‘Argylle’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Claudia Schiffer and her director husband Matthew Vaughn’s cat Chip is set to make his feature film debut in Matthew’s witty new spy thriller “Argylle”! Access Hollywood producer and guest correspondent Emily Orozco hit up London with Claudia and her superstar cat! The supermodel revealed the story behind Chip going from their family pet to movie star, and she shared how a certain pop superstar had originally inspired them to make Chip a part of their family. “My daughter Clementine loves Taylor Swift, and she has a Scottish Fold – or I think several, actually. And so she had been saying, ‘Please can we get one as well?’ We got one as a present for her, as a surprise,” she recalled. “Argylle” is in theaters now.