Dave Coulier Shares Bob Saget’s Voicemail From Before ‘Full House’ Star’s Death: ‘I’m Right Here’

“Full House” star Dave Coulier is sharing a touching message from his late friend and co-star Bob Saget, who passed away in 2022 at 65 years old. On a recent episode of Dave’s “Full House Rewind” podcast, the actor was joined by Bob’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, and he closed out the episode playing a heartfelt voicemail the beloved actor left him to offer condolences and support when Dave’s brother Danny took his own life in 2021. “I know it’s not a time to call, but I’m right here 24/7 right now, right here. I love you Dave, and I’m so sorry, Dave. I loved him. I’m so sorry,” Bob said in part at the time.