Dev Patel Details Breaking Hand During First Fight Scene For ‘Monkey Man’: It ‘Started Ballooning’

Dev Patel is making his feature directorial debut with “Monkey Man”! The actor and filmmaker spoke to Access Hollywood about the making of the movie and the emotional moment where he received a standing ovation for it at South By Southwest. “It was probably the most incredible experience I’ve ever had in a cinema period, and it happened to be my film, which was mad,” he shared. Dev also detailed his prep for the movie’s action scenes and recalled how he broke his hand while filming the first one. “They call it a boxer’s fracture or something, and my hand just started ballooning. We carried on filming the whole day, because we couldn’t lose that shoot day,” he explained in part. He ultimately got a screw put in and was advised by a doctor to not put any weight on it, then went straight back into filming action sequences with some modified choreography. “Monkey Man” hits theaters on April 5.