Drake Bell Gushes Over Fond Memories Of Working With Amanda Bynes: ‘Talent Just Oozed Out Of Her’

Drake Bell is opening up about finding “tranquility” and “getting through the fire” after revisiting his past. The singer exclusively sat down with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover, months after the release of Max and Discovery+’s “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV.” In Part 1 of their conversation, Drake shed light on his life and mindset now after sharing his story in the docuseries and how his music has helped him process trauma through the years. “Music is really everything to me. I don’t journal or have a diary or anything, but that’s how I’ve been able to get my thoughts out when something affects me in life,” he shared. Drake went on to share the meaning behind his latest song “I Kind Of Relate” and gave insight on his decision to recreate the “Drake & Josh” set in its music video. Plus, he reflected on the moment he realized he and his co-star Josh Peck made a great comedy team and gushed over working with Amanda Bynes on “The Amanda Show,” saying it felt like he was “getting to work with Gilda Radner.” “Working together, we had an instant connection. We were able to establish and create wonderful characters together. We played off each other so well, We ended up having a really great bond working together, and I learned so much from her. I mean, the talent just oozed out of her,” he shared.