Drake Bell Reacts To ‘Quiet On Set’ Hype & Will Friedle’s Past Support For Brian Peck In New Episode

Drake Bell is addressing “Boy Meets World” star Will Friedle, who was among those who issued letters of support to Brian Peck following the dialogue coach’s conviction for sexually assaulting a minor in 2004. During the fifth bonus episode of Investigation Discovery’s docuseries “Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV,” which premiered April 7, host Soledad O’ Brien played a recent clip from Will’s podcast in which he spoke about his past actions expressing regret, saying, “[Brian] then asked us to support him and go to court with him, which a lot of us did, and were sitting in that courtroom on the wrong side of everything-” adding, “I just sat there wanting to die. It was like what the hell am I doing here.” Drake, however, told Soledad that Will’s comments don’t change the how he thinks about that day now. “I mean, no. I worked with Will on “Spider-Man.” There was a lot of opportunity to apologize or talk about it and never did.”