Drake Bell Talks Overcoming Substance Abuse & Darkest Moments A Month After ‘Quiet On Set’ Doc Aired

Drake Bell is looking back at his mental health journey and embracing the future. Over a month after the “Quiet on Set” docuseries aired, which explored the alleged toxic work environment on some children’s television shows in the ‘90s and early 2000s, Drake is opening up about how he moved past his darkest moments on the “Luminosity with Kevin Quinn and Justin Crawford” podcast. The singer returned to the podcast on Wednesday in honor of May’s Mental Health Awareness month and candidly discussed his struggle with substance abuse and what he learned from it. “I’ll tell you one thing is substances are always temporary,” he said. “They’re always temporary no matter what. You are always going to crash and burn out, no matter what. Temporary fix. And then when you’re out of it, you’re left with a mess that you got to clean up.” The actor then said it’s much easier to “stay clean” and sober and learn from failures.