Drew Barrymore Barks Like Dog And Takes Command From Helen Mirren In Hilarious Moment

Drew Barrymore sure knows how to make Helen Mirren laugh! The Oscar winner made an appearance on Tuesday’s episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” to promote her films, “Shazam: Fury of the Gods” and “Fast X,” but the interview took a turn when Drew started acting like a dog! It all happened while the 48-year-old talk show host looked back at Helen’s career, including her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in “The Queen.” The late monarch famously had several corgis and Helen compared the adorable dog breed to Drew’s fun personality. “Love the Corgis. Corgis were great. They’re great little dogs,” Helen said. “I’m a Corgi! I’ve got tiny legs,” Drew responded. “You are a corgi. You have the character of a corgi,” Helen added.