Dwayne Johnson’s Daughters Give Him An Hilarious Transformation Minutes Before Zoom Call

Dwayne Johnson is the ultimate girl dad! The 51-year-old action star revealed the impressive makeover his two daughters, seven-year-old Jasmine and four-year-old Tiana gave him over the weekend! In the fun clip, the “Black Adam” star showed off the back of his head, which was completely transformed by his little girls, who drew a face on him! As Dwayne explained in his Instagram caption, his daughters had to get creative with their makeover because this time they had restrictions! “In case you didn’t know, I’m M.A.N.,” he started off his caption before explaining the conversation he had with his little girls. “Saturday morning working in my office when the two little tornadoes bust in with ‘DADDY CAN, WE PLEASE BORROW YOU FOR 2 MINUTES.’ ‘Sure, but don’t put anything on my face, I have a ZOOM meeting in 20 minutes.’ ‘OK DADDY.’ I gotta be a fool to keep falling for this stuff over and over again. But that’s our job as fathers and men (and we low key love it).”