Elon Musk Trolled By Taylor Swift Fans After He Compared Her To ‘Napoleon Dynamite’

The Swifties are currently at battle with Elon Musk after his most recent Twitter post. In a since deleted tweet, the 51-year-old social media owner compared Taylor Swift to Jon Heder’s Napoleon Dynamite by sharing a side-by-side picture of the goofy character from the 2004 film with the 33-year-old pop star that read: “When you realize Taylor Swift is actually Napoleon Dynamite in drag.” Elon then wrote over the meme: “Am TS fan – of course – but how do we know for sure they’re different people?” Swifties all over rushed to defend Taylor and tear down Elon. “He should look at himself in the mirror, worry about that,” one fan tweeted. “Get a job. Leave her alone,” another wrote. “He’s gone too far. I’m tired of Elon,” read another tweet. Elon’s tweet comes just a few months after Taylor kicked off her Eras Tour, where she has been delivering an epic 3-hour concerts at every location.