Emily Blunt Asked To Get ‘Jungle Cruise’ Kiss With Dwayne Johnson In One Take And Jokes About Their Preparation

Just call Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson Bffs after filming Disney’s “Jungle Cruise.” Emily and Dwayne dished to Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans how they totally bonded on the set and joked about how their lip lock on screen required a little liquid courage. The duo also shared how on the final day of shooting it was an emotional farewell. “It was sort of devastating when it ended. I cried when this movie ended,” Emily shared. And although the 38-year-old actress loved shooting the film, she wasn’t a fan of Dwayne Johnson’s puns in the movie. “She hated the puns, but the puns are part of the ride,” Dwayne kidded. Disney’s “Jungle Cruise” comes out July 30.