Emily Blunt Loves How ‘Emotionally Available’ John Krasinski Is To Their Two Daughters

Emily Blunt is a proud wife! The Oscar nominated actress supported her husband, John Krasinski, at the New York premiere of his film “IF” on May 13. “The Office” alum wrote and directed the movie as a love letter for their daughters. While chatting with Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall, Emily revealed the most special part of the entire process was seeing her girls watch the movie with their dad over the weekend. “We had a little screening, and it was just, my jaw was on the floor watching them and just seeing them absorb the fact the essence of them is all over this movie,” she said. “Their sense of humor was in this movie, it’s such a love letter to them and his beating heart is this movie, so I think it was just watching them take it in…It was so overwhelming.” The “Oppenheimer” star then went on to gush over her daughters’ bond with their dad and revealed she loves how “emotionally available” John is to them. “IF” hits theaters May 17.