Eva Mendes Explains Why She & Ryan Gosling Don’t Do Red Carpet Appearances Together

Eva Mendes is explaining why she and Ryan Gosling keep their relationship off the red carpet. The “Hitch” actress opened up about their preference for privacy in the comments of her recent Instagram post. One fan wrote in part, “I really hope Barbie will get through the Awards Season just to see you w Ryan.” Eva thanked the fan for their sweet comment, but explained that an appearance with Ryan for “Barbie” isn’t likely, writing in part, “we don’t do those things together. Like these photos I’ve been posting, I’m only comfortable posting because it’s already out there.” Then, another fan commented in part, “May I ask why you don’t feel comfortable doing those things together?” The mom of two replied in part, “By ‘not comfortable,’ I mean exposing our very private life that we value. I’m still dying to do another movie with him though…”