Fitness Influencer Lexi Reed Embraces Scars From Rare Disease Amid ‘Terrifying’ Fight For Her Life

Fitness Influencer Lexi Reed is getting candid about her recovery amid her Calciphylaxis Battle. On Oct. 18 the 32-year-old posted a powerful video of herself embracing the scars she has from her journey. “Real, raw, open & vulnerable – but my reality of the battle wounds I’ve been left with after fighting a rare disease called Calciphylaxis.. It’s not always easy to share images/videos of my body, but I know it’s always worth it,” she wrote on Instagram. According to the Cleveland Clinic, Calciphylaxis is a serious condition that happens when “calcium deposits form in your blood vessels and block blood flow to areas of your skin. This can lead to open wounds that are prone to dangerous (or even deadly) infections.” Lexi, who boasts more than 1 million followers on the social media platform, is now in remission from the disease, and opened up about her continued fight as the clip played alongside the song “Scars to your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. “Calciphylaxis – a rare disease I’d never heard of until it completely turned my world upside down. A disease so rare the doctors had to look it up before they could try to treat me. A disease that caused me to have dead necrotic skin that formed excruciating wounds from my thighs to my shoulders,” she penned in the emotional post. “A disease that left me in a tears daily and questioning how strong that [I] actually was to keep going. A disease that I was told had a high mortality rate of 45-80% + I’d be lucky if I lived 6 months to a year when the infection rate was so high – that most didn’t. A disease that terrified me to my core every single day that I may not wake up, or see my husband, loved ones, and that every moment could be my last. Every scar is proof that I’ve been fighting for my life and against all odds – but this is healing & I’m not giving up no matter what calciphylaxis throws at me.”