Frankie Muniz Reveals Why He Never Wants His Son To Be An Actor

Frankie Muniz wants to keep his kid away from Hollywood. The actor, 38, who was one of the most popular child actors in the early 2000s, opened up in a new interview with Australia’s PEDESTRIAN.TV, on why he’s not going to let his son, 3-year-old Mauz, pursue an acting career. “I would never let my kid go into the business. And not that I had a negative experience, because to be honest, my experience was 100 percent positive. But I know so many people, friends that were close to me, that had such insanely negative experiences. And I just think it’s an ugly world in general. I never cared about rejection, but there’s a ton of rejection,” he said. Although Frankie never had a negative experience, he shared why Hollywood is a tough place to grow up and how being an actor is all about “luck.” The former child star’s comments came days after the shocking docuseries “Quiet On Set: The Dark Side Of Kids TV” aired, which detailed alleged inappropriate behavior on many Nickelodeon shows sets.