Garth Brooks Says Gwen Stefani Is ‘Extremely Lucky’ To Marry Friend Blake Shelton: ‘I Love That Man’

Garth Brooks knows Gwen Stefani has picked a good one! While chatting with Access Hollywood’s Kit Hoover, the country singer had nothing but good things to say about his “Dive Bar” duet partner and longtime friend Blake Shelton, who recently got engaged to Gwen. “Blake’s one of those guys that’s got no secrets. He’s not going to change on you. He’s going to be the same, which is a blessing. So I think she’s extremely lucky,” Garth gushed. “I love that man. I really do. And I would love to get a chance to know her, because good people hang with good people, and he’s solid.” Garth also opened up about his surprising nickname for Trisha Yearwood, his wife of nearly 14 years. Plus, he talked about his and Trisha’s “Shallow” duet on his forthcoming 12th studio album, “Fun.” “Fun” and its companion album, “Triple Live Deluxe,” both drop Nov. 20.