Gayle King Says Oprah Told Her To Stop Asking Jay-Z For An Interview: ‘I Groveled Over Him’

Gayle King worked hard to get that Jay-Z interview! While on the Formula 1 Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix red carpet, Gayle chatted with Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans about her love for the sport. Gayle also opened up about what it was like to interview Jay-Z and revealed that she “groveled” over him to do it. “Even Oprah said, ‘You are making a damn fool of yourself. Stop asking him. He doesn’t want to do it.’ But I couldn’t let it go,” Gayle explained. “I don’t know why he said yes or why he changed his mind … I’m just grateful that he did.” Plus, watch the sweet moment Gayle had with Shaun White and Nina Dobrev during the interview.