Gypsy Rose Blanchard Says She ‘Thinks The Best’ Of Late Mom Dee Dee In Candid Mother’s Day TikTok

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is sharing the complicated emotions she has about Mother’s Day. The former inmate, who served more than eight years in prison for her role in the murder of her abusive mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, opened up in a candid TikTok on this year’s holiday and shared how she chooses to remember Dee Dee while honoring the women who have served as loving maternal figures in her life. “What I choose to feel on Mother’s Day regarding my own mother is that I think the best of her,” the 32-year-old said in part. “I think about the good times, I think about her as not what she did to me but I think about her as a person. I think that, ‘Was she a good mom?’ No. ‘Was she the best mom in the world?’ No. But she was still my mom, so what I choose to feel about her, whether that be guilt, anger, grief, resentment, whatever, that’s mine to feel.”