Hailey Bieber Addresses ‘Disheartening’ Pregnancy Rumors: ‘Hilarious How Much People F***ing Care’

Hailey Bieber is setting the record straight about swirling pregnancy rumors. The model, 26, opened up in a recent interview with GQ Hype about how she just wants a break from the speculation. “Recently, everybody was like, ‘Oh my god, she’s pregnant,’ and that’s happened to me multiple times before. There is something that’s disheartening about, damn, I can’t be bloated one time and not be pregnant?” she said. The Rhode founder has been married to pop star Justin Bieber since 2018. Though keeping a low profile is often tough for the couple, Hailey told the mag that she still takes their personal life seriously, especially when it comes to the future of their family. “[Motherhood] is something that I look forward to. It’s also such a private, intimate thing. It’s something that’s going to come when it comes. And it’s just, honestly, at the end of the day, so hilarious how much people f***ing care. Let me do what I want to do with my body and you guys can do what you want to do with your body—and let’s just let it be that,” she said.