Hailey Bieber Says She’s ‘Scared’ To Have Children With Justin Bieber: ‘I Literally Cry About This’

Hailey Bieber is opening up about future family plans with her husband Justin Bieber. The 26-year-old model revealed in a new interview with The Sunday Times how she really feels about bringing children into the world. “I literally cry about this all the time. I want kids so bad but I get scared. It’s enough that people say things about my husband or my friends. I can’t imagine having to confront people saying things about a child. We can only do the best we can to raise them. As long as they feel loved and safe,” she told the outlet. The Biebers have been honest in the past about a family expansion. Hailey told Harper’s Bazaar in August 2022 that marriage takes effort and when kids come into the picture it will be even harder. While making an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” back in December 2020, Justin opened up about how he’s following Hailey’s lead when it comes to having children.