Heidi Klum Sets The Record Straight About Her Eating Habits After Revealing Her Weight

Heidi Klum is setting the record straight on her diet. Earlier this week, the 50-year-old former supermodel prompted her fans to ask questions about her life on Instagram and when someone asked her how much she weighs, she responded with a photo of herself on a scale which showed that she weighed a little over 137 pounds. In another story, Heidi revealed that she eats three poached eggs in chicken broth for breakfast. Following reports which surfaced over her weight and eating habits, Heidi spoke out in a selfie video posted to her Instagram story on Tuesday to debunk the articles. “I don’t think I’ve ever had to count my calories in my life and don’t believe everything that you read. I don’t count my calories…I don’t know people just put things together and just write a bunch of crap and it’s really sad because there is no real journalism anymore, people just make up stories,” she said.