Hilarie Burton Morgan Opens Up About Embracing ‘Going Gray Early’: It’s ‘Been A Relief’

Hilarie Burton Morgan is loving her hair exactly as is! When the “One Tree Hill” alum joined the latest episode of “The View,” she opened up about embracing her gray tresses. Hilarie said she was in the midst of phasing out her blonde color and going totally gray, and she explained her mindset behind it. “It’s a weird thing when you were a teen drama actress, and the expectation to be 17 forever is out there. And I didn’t necessarily like my younger years. I felt– I dealt with some dark stuff in my younger years. So this idea that you can level up and get to a place where you’re the salty one in the room was exciting to me. My heroes were Bea Arthur and Ruth Gordon and Betty White. Like, that’s who I wanted to be. And so going gray early has been a relief,” she said.