How Prince Harry Showed Glimpses Of Princess Diana During Recent Canada Trip (Exclusive)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were all smiles as they arrived to Whistler Mountain, Canada hand-in-hand to greet their Invictus team. Elizabeth Holmes, author of the “So Many Thoughts” royal newsletter, was one of a few writers who traveled with the couple on their tour, and she exclusively told Access Hollywood all about what she witnessed on the trip. “So often we hear that Harry takes after his mother [Princess Diana] and I feel like in Canada I saw a lot of that,” she told Access. “He was so warm and so open. Diana was known for bringing this real tactile approach to her royal engagements…he was out there shaking hands with two hands. It was very sweet,” she added. Elizabeth also shared the sweet moment Meghan watched Harry participate in a high-speed skeleton luge. “Meghan came down and stood on the side of the ice,” she said. “He raced at about 60 miles per hour, and she was just anxiously waiting with her phone in hand like the rest of us watching him come down and around the track. As he sped by, she gave this very sweet little shutter, like a reaction, like she couldn’t believe he was going so fast,” she added.