Issa Rae Defends Her ‘Lovebirds’ Character’s Unicorn Hoodie: ‘It’s Actually Genius!’

In “The Lovebirds,” Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae star as a couple who unexpectedly get caught up in a murder, have to clear their names and then decide to solve the case. When Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans pointed out that the hilarious outfits their characters hide out in – a unicorn hoodie and a gold bomber jacket – were the opposite of incognito, Issa said that was the point! “It’s actually genius, because in a city like New Orleans, people look crazy! If we were too undercover, then it would be suspicious. But what kind of murderers would dress like that?” she explained. Issa and Kumail also talked about how they developed their killer comedic chemistry before the cameras started rolling. “The Lovebirds” hits Netflix on May 22.